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Inspire. Empower. Motivate.

In addition to the Foundation I and II Outcomes Participants will:

  • Create formal, and quick circles

  • Practice facilitating circle in small


  • Be offered critique of circles that

    were created.

  • Leave with questions and circles

    written to use immediately in the classroom

This is a full day professional development session for schools or districts that have committed to implementing Restorative Practices. This session is extremely interactive and is designed to dive deeper into Restorative Practices by unpacking the proactive classroom components that include the Circle, Affective Language, The Relationship Agreement, and Emotional Intelligence Components. This session allows participants to experience the power of Circle through media and examples, by learning its components, how to write circles in a lesson format, and how to teach content in circle. Participants will also explore the Respect Agreement, by understanding its use, and how it is a foundational component to Restorative Practices in the classroom. Participants will also learn how Relationship Language can be the game changer in the classroom by exploring how we interact with students using words. They will also explore Emotional Intelligence tools to input into classroom culture to teach and engage with students. We will also explore what is needed to teach with a restorative mindset. This session can be tailored to meet your campus or school districts needs.

Key Components

  • In addition to the Foundation I and II components:

  • Experience the power of Circle in small group settings

    (12:1 trainer Ratios)

  • Practice facilitating a formal circle

  • Practice facilitating a quick circle

  • Experience an affirmation circle

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