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Empower. Inspire. Motivate.

Participant Outcome:

In addition to the Foundation I and II Outcomes Participants will:

  • Create formal, and quick circles

  • Practice facilitating circle in small


  • Be offered critique of circles that

    were created.

  • Leave with questions and circles

    written to use immediately in the classroom

The one day implementation professional development session is design for schools who cannot dedicate two full days to implementation training, but are committed to implementing the basic components of Restorative Practices in their classrooms.  This highly effective and efficient format allows for mini workshops to be conducted simultaneously by workshop facilitators.  Participants will transition between workshops and cycle through the workshops to experience the power of circle and the Relationship Agreement. Workshop participants will also learn how to organize and write, Quick Circles, Formal Circles, as well as, Quick Connects.  They will leave with an in-depth understanding of the Relationship agreement, its components and their utilization in the classroom to set a foundation of trust and belonging. This session can be tailored to meet your campus or school districts needs.

Key Components:

  • In addition to the Foundation I and II components:

  • Experience the power of Circle in small group settings

    (12:1 trainer Ratios)

  • Practice facilitating a formal circle

  • Practice facilitating a quick circle

  • Experience an affirmation circle

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