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Participant Outcome:

Gain understanding of the principles of restorative practices as well as understand the role relationships play in students achievement in the classroom and campus levels.

This workshop is designed for teachers and administrators. It is conducted with one facilitator for an unlimited number of participants. This is a half day professional development information session designed to offer school leaders and teachers a brief, on the surface overview, of restorative practices. The session is designed to unpack the foundation of Restorative Practices, defining what Restorative is and what it is not. It is designed to examine the differences between traditional practices and restorative practices with an emphasis on proactive classroom actions. In this session we also plant seeds with regard to the adult mindset, and examine how restorative practices impact campus and classroom culture. This session can be tailored to meet your campus or school district needs. 

Key Components

  • Intro to Restorative Practices: What it is and what it is not

  • Examine the differences between traditional practices and restorative practices

  • Explore the foundational components of a proactive C.A.R.E. plan.

  •  Emphasize the correlation between learning and building relationships with students in the classroom.

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